PLDI 2024
Mon 24 - Fri 28 June 2024 Copenhagen, Denmark

This workshop is on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, in Room Copenhagen.

We believe our community has come a long way in acknowledging that junior researchers need as much mentoring as they can get to prepare them for future jobs and help them become successful. The PLMW workshop series has made it possible for us to talk openly with students about the challenges and stresses facing graduate students: problems with advisors, paper rejections, mental health, and career planning. However, the same can’t be said about the challenges of being faculty: discussing one’s doubts or asking for advice is sadly not that common, not knowing how to manage a research group and build a tenure case effectively is considered by many junior faculty to be borderline embarrassing, and not every junior professor is lucky to have a suitable mentor at their own institution to ask for help.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for full-time academics to comfortably share their experience in non-technical aspects related to faculty life. Not all such experiences are positive. Sometimes things don’t work out: PhD students change advisors, grants are rejected, topics go out of fashion. We believe it is valuable for the community to be aware of things that can go wrong, too, rather than listen to the glorious stories of people who “made it” despite all the struggle. We also believe many of the not-so-junior members of the community would love to learn about how “the magic is done” in other research groups, and what are the non-technical ingredients that enable long-term successful research and a happy work environment. Some nuggets of this wisdom are occasionally shared in the “hallway track” at conferences or in social media discussions, so it’s time to give them a proper forum!

This workshop will feature several panels and invited talks by mid-career and senior academics on the non-technical topics of their choosing related to building an academic agenda, leading a research group, and coping with the challenging aspects of the faculty job.

The acronym of the workshop also stands for Read the Faculty Manual (yes, we know that there is no manual).

Attending the Workshop

Speakers and panelists are invitation-only.

The intended audience of this workshop are full-time faculty or senior PhD students and postdocs who have accepted faculty positions but have not officially started yet. We will post the registration details soon.

If you have any questions about eligibility and attendance, please get in touch with the organizers!