PLDI 2024
Mon 24 - Fri 28 June 2024 Copenhagen, Denmark

Choreographic Programming

Choreographies are coordination plans for concurrent and distributed systems. A choreography defines the roles of the involved participants and how they are supposed to work together. In the emerging paradigm of choreographic programming (CP), choreographies are programs that can be compiled to executable implementations.

CP originated primarily in the context of process calculi, with preliminary work done to establish its foundations and experiment with implementations. Recently, several proposals have shown that one can adapt CP to work in synergy with mainstream programming paradigms, such as object-oriented and functional programming. These works substantiate the interest of a growing community of researchers and practitioners in evolving CP into a mature paradigm, able to improve the productivity and reliability of programming concurrent and distributed systems.

We are very excited to launch the 1st International Workshop on Choreographic Programming (CP 2024) alongside PLDI 2024. The aim of this workshop is to catalyse the community around CP by soliciting contributions including but not limited to the following topics:

  • Theory and models of choreographic programming.
  • Design and implementation of choreographic programming languages, encompassing both standalone and library-based implementations.
  • Design and implementation of runtime systems for choreographic programming.
  • Verification and testing of choreographic programs.
  • Type systems for choreographic languages.
  • Interactions with software engineering (e.g., software requirements, design, construction, testing, analysis, and maintenance and software development methodologies).
  • Fault tolerance and reliability in the context of choreographic programming.
  • Synergies and comparisons with adjacent approaches for concurrent and distributed programming (e.g., multitier programming).

The workshop will feature an invited keynote talk from Fabrizio Montesi and contributed talks from the choreographic programming community around the world.

Call for Talk Proposals

CP 2024 invites talk proposals in the form of 2-6 page extended abstracts. There will not be a formal published proceedings. Summaries of work that is already published or under submission elsewhere is welcome. We also welcome descriptions of work in progress, tutorials, and practical experience reports. The program committee will use a lightweight double-blind review process to evaluate talk proposals.

Although there won’t be a published proceedings, we recommend the use of the acmart format and acmsmall subformat, i.e., the same one-column format that PLDI submissions use.