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Michał Moskal

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Name:Michał Moskal

Michał Moskal works at Microsoft Research in Redmond on programming languages and related topics. Previously, he worked on software verification, including VCC - a state of the art formal verifier for C programs, and automated theorem proving. Over the past decade, Michał has focused on programming experiences for beginners. In 2010, with Nikolai Tillmann, he launched Touch Develop, initially a programming environment for mobile phones, later adapted for the BBC micro:bit. In 2016, along with Peli de Halleux and Tom Ball, Michał initiated the Programming Experience Toolkit (PXT), which evolved into Microsoft MakeCode - a platform for creating domain-specific programming experiences, especially for education. This led to Jacdac, developed with James Devine and Steve Hodges, a system for building plug-and-play electronics. Subsequently, in 2021, they introduced DeviceScript, a TypeScript implementation for tiny IoT devices. In 2023, Michał, together with Emre Kıcıman, started the AI Controller Interface (AICI), which introduces abstractions to manage and control the output of large language models (LLM) via a binary Wasm interface, and a language built on top of it.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Microsoft Research
Research interests:Programming Langauges, Runtimes, Software Verifiaction


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